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Water Therapy For Arthritis – Owner’s Routine Soothes

httpv:// John Unger and his dog, Shep, are the picture of what true love is.  Shep has pretty bad arthritis as well as hip dysplasia that has him in a lot of pain and leaves him pretty uncomfortable for most of the day.  John discovered that being in the water, in the ocean that is nearby, Shep could rest and felt better without any pressure on his joints.  In John’s...


Possible Reasons To Consider Pet Insurance

The most common reason most dog parents think about getting pet insurance is to cover health costs as your dog ages.  This can also cover any accident your fur baby may encounter and either illness or an injury is a likely event in the life of any pet.  As we all also know, vet bills can get astronomical quickly when the situation gets serious or lengthy.  having covered yourself with...


Why You Need Pet Insurance for Older Dogs

They say dogs are man’s best friends, which is somehow true. A lot of people keep dogs for company for years in their lives and are able to establish a bond that transcends species. Admit it or not, you love your pet dog in spite of all the accidents inside the house, what with ruined carpets and chewed rubber shoes. As you age, your dog also gains some years that...

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