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Understanding The Best: Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine

Acupuncture, acupressure, food energy therapy, moxibustion—these are only some of the types of traditional Chinese veterinary medicine that are popular among vets and pet owners. But how effective are these senior dog treatments, really? Veterinary acupuncture is arguably the most popular of the lot. By inserting needles, the body is allowed to heal by itself after carefully balancing blood circulation, relieving hormones, and stimulating the nervous system. During veterinary acupuncture,...


Great senior dog treatments for your dog’s paws

httpv:// A concern among dogs in their golden years is the presence of sores at the bottom of their paws and cuts on their toes. This is but part of the aging process; as dogs grow old, their body’s resistance and joints weaken, and that includes their paws. Fortunately, there are senior dog treatments that can protect your dog’s precious paws and allow your fur buddy to live a normal...


Hydrotherapy, one of the best senior dog treatments

Are you looking for senior dog treatments that are low impact, and appropriate for your senior dog recovering from an injury or suffering from arthritis? You might want to consider hydrotherapy, an easy and affordable type of physiotherapy that allows your dog to exercise the muscle joints as the body weight is supported by the water. Hydrotherapy has several benefits for senior dogs. It’s an excellent complementary therapy for old...


Veterinary acupuncture – among leading senior dog treatments

httpv:// This quick video just confirms what I’ve known all along: complementary therapies like veterinary acupuncture are quickly becoming a trend in senior dog treatments. In the recently concluded Western Veterinary Conference, several veterinarians expressed interest in learning this form of therapy. In veterinary medicine, it has gone past being a mere pain relieving technique to a proven way of treating seizures, liver and kidney disease, and allergies. Its effectiveness...


All Natural: Senior dog care for fleas

httpv:// The summer never bodes well for senior dogs. For pet owners, this means they have to deal with fleas on their fur buddies. If you can’t find a suitable flea spray in the grocery or don’t have the time to run to the store to buy one, here’s a video of how to make a homemade flea spray. It’s hard not to love this homemade flea spray! It’s made...


Treatment for Dog Ailments Related to Skin

Skin disorders are among the most common dog ailments, especially for older canines. The good news is that veterinarians take skin issues in older dogs very seriously, and are relatively easy to treat. There are several symptoms of skin disorders among dogs. Some of the more striking ones are a discoloration of their fur, inflammation of their ear canal, dry skin, skin flaking, foul odor emitted by their skin, hair...


Dealing with Dog ailments

Older dogs have to deal with several dog ailments. Regular visits to the vet will help in early diagnosis and treatment, but as an owner, you also have to be aware of the basic symptoms and signs that your fur buddy is suffering from an illness. Geriatric cataracts are about as common in older dogs as they are in humans. The key to curing it is early detection, lest it...


9 Treatments for Canine Arthritis

The arthritis dogs have can immobilize and subject your dog to intense pain, which is why there’s every reason to be alarmed if your dog is diagnosed with it. Fortunately, there is a variety of treatments available for dogs with arthritis. Before you choose one, or in case your vet has prescribed a certain treatment, you should first equip yourself with the several choices available. 1. Glucosamine and chondroitin (GAGS)...


Identifying the causes of seizures in older dogs

Seizures in older dogs are quite common, and yet most pet owners don’t know the reasons behind it. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that your dog is epileptic—seizures aren’t necessarily connected to epilepsy. In fact, the seizures may be indicative of another health condition. Brain tumor is one common reason. As these tumors grow, the cause pain and pressure on the brain, which triggers the seizures. Aside from seizures,...


Fantastic home remedies for common dog ailments

Does your old buddy scratch himself constantly, are losing hair, and having raw skin patches all over? No matter how many antibiotics or injections you try, the annoying itch might not go away. The good news is that common ailments like this don’t necessarily merit an expensive trip to the vet. There is, however, a more practical solution: apple vider vinegar. This home cure can solve a lot of dog...


10 Common Dog Ailments and Treatments In The Field

You can’t be too careful when you take your old buddy on a walk or on a hike in the woods. You should be fully equipped—not just with a first-aid kid, but also with knowledge on how to administer quick treatments for the most common dog ailments. That being said, here are the ten most common dog injuries, and the corresponding treatments for them. 1. Porcupine Quills Do not move...


Diagnosing dog hearing loss: simple but effective techniques

Common among older dogs who are advancing in age is hearing loss. It’s not always easy to tell if your dog is suffering from dog hearing loss, but the folks at Petside Advisory Board have some simple tips that might help you figure out. Experts agree that making a loud noise is the easiest way to tell if a dog has hearing loss. The range of noises you can make...

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