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Essence of Alternative Care For Older Dogs

Do you believe in alternative therapy? There are concrete health benefits in its methods that many people can attest to; some even go as far as to claim that alternative therapy has worked wonders for them. If you’re a fan of it yourself, and would love your senior dog to try it as well, you’d be thrilled to know that alternative care for dogs using the same methods as for...


Keeping Senior Dogs Active in Later Years

As dogs enter their senior years, you will notice them slow down and tire easily.  IN their advanced age, older dogs are susceptible to certain illnesses like arthritis and weakening joints. That being said, keeping senior dogs active is a must. It doesn’t mean that you have to wear down your beloved dog. You can, instead, suit their exercise, diet, and supplements to adjust to fit to their capacity. One...


Amazing Alternative Medications For Your Senior Dog

Believe it or not, we humans can learn a lot from our senior dogs when it comes to medicine, particular the use of plants and essential oils. Herbs have been used for medication since time immemorial—from the Sumerians who used laurel and thyme 5,000 years ago to Ancient Egyptians who used garlic, mint, opium for its medicinal value. Most people don’t realize it, but we owe much of what we...


Beat Common Dog Ailments Like Arthritis

As dogs advance in age, most of them become less playful and active. While most dog owners easily attribute this change to their dogs’ personality changes as they grow old, these symptoms may in fact be a sign of arthritis or degenerative joint disease. One of the most common dog ailments, arthritis is found in one in five dogs.   As arthritis is most prevalent among older dogs, you might not...


Keeping Your Senior Dog Healthy

httpv:// This video from has some great tips for several items that will help you to keep that old pooch in tip-top shape!  The nutritional needs of a senior dog increase and can mean that a change in diet is necessary.  The expert here has some great advice about options that you will want to consider.  If your dog is getting to be a finicky eater, changing up what...


How To Deal With Senior Dog Incontinence

You worked so hard to house train your dog only to find that as they get past a certain age, they seem to be having accidents in the house again.  This may present itself as a few drips here and there, to full out messes with a huge wet spot on the rug or on the dog’s bed.  While this certainly isn’t pleasant, it is fairly common and there could...


Arthritis Supplements For Senior Dogs

httpv:// It is highly likely that as your dog ages it will end up with some degree of arthritis.  Glucosamine is one supplement that has shown to help in treating osteoarthritis in lots of dogs.  It is a safe supplement with very little side effects and can help with the pain associated with joint disease.  This pet owner recommends Glucosamine in liquid form that you can just pour on your...


The Telling Touch

Some dogs are sensitive to being touched.  This shows in either a general or very specific way, depending on whether or not your dog is in some pain.  If you are not familiar with how dogs can show their state through reaction to your touch, you can learn.  Volunteering at a shelter or veterinarian’s office can help. A good handler can teach you a lot by simply doing what they...


Senility In Older Dogs

httpv:// Changes in behavior could be an indication that your dog is experiencing senility or cognitive dysfunction, especially if your dog is over 6-7 years of age.  When you notice theses things, like accidents in the house, wandering aimlessly and changes in their eating or drinking habits, it may be time for a trip to the vet.  Together, you can assess the situation and see about coming up with a...


Helping Your Older Dog With Touch That Heals

When your lovely fur pet is in pain it can be hard to know what to do or where to turn.  Expensive medications are not always the answer – especially when you know that many times they hurt just as much as they are supposed to help.  More and more pet parents are turning to non-invasive and natural therapies to help ease their pet’s pain and discomfort. A method that...


Wraps And Touch Help Senior Dogs Heal

httpv:// This video shows how wraps for your dog can help them in a number of ways.  If the dog is feeling stiff or achy, the wraps can add support to the joints that make it more comfortable to move about and walk.  If they are nervous or feeling quite tense, then the wraps can help them to feel secure and confident.  It all depends on you testing out how...


Senior Dogs Should See Vet Every 6 Months

Everyone knows that dogs age differently than humans.  In fact, they age in a nonlinear way where one human year is the equivalent to about seven to ten dog years.  A dog’s social and physical growth is quite fast and can make you wish time moved a little slower at times!  Puppies can be quite adorable and yet they are only puppies for such a brief while.  The unfortunate part...

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