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Dementia In Senior Dogs

You may be noticing some odd behavior in your senior dog, but it may or may not be dementia.  To be sure, you will always want to take your dog to the vet first and rule out any other issue that could be causing similar behavior as dementia.  Obviously, if it a specific illness you can treat the illness and things may get better.  If there is nothing wrong with...


Keeping Your Senior Dog Comfortable

As your dog ages, there will certainly be some differences in their behavior.  Some things will be perfectly normal and to be expected and some are not normal but can certainly come up.  It is highly likely that you will need to take your canine family member to the vet to be sure what you are dealing with and to take care of it as soon as possible.  With aging...


The Five Most Common Dog Ailments

Just like humans and other animals, dogs can get infected by diseases, too. There are many kinds, which your dog may contract in any given day throughout his adult life. Some are easily treated, while some are more dangerous than the others. As a dog owner, it’s best to identify what these diseases are in order to prevent your pet from getting them. Remember that prevention is always better than...


How to Treat Arthritis in Dogs

Arthritis is a condition that most elderly people suffer from, making performing even the simplest of everyday activities quite difficult for them. The excruciating pain is such that to walk a couple of inches or simply sit back can be quite a burden. More so, arthritis does not only affect people. Dogs have been found to suffer from the same condition and are nonetheless plagued by the affliction as humans...


Causes of Seizure in Older Dogs

Some medical conditions are not only restricted to humans and even your pet dog can suffer from them. These ailments often affect them the same way they can affect you, which means nothing but trouble for you and your beloved pet. Having an older dog as a pet comes with the greater chances of your pet suffering from various condition that can hamper their health if left unattended to. For...


7 Tips on Caring For Your Senior Dog

You may notice a few changes on your dog as he ages, his basic needs, state of health and physical activity among others. But sometimes, dogs tend to hide their health problems and unlike humans, they can’t voice it out. As a dog owner, it is your duty and responsibility to keep track of your dog as he gets older and keep an eye on him to provide proper care...


House Training an Older Dog for Newbie Pet Owners

Most pet owners struggle when it comes to house training their dogs, since dogs usually do their business wherever they please. The nuisance of having to clean after them inside the house can be enough for you to call it quits. This is true for dogs of all ages and you can never do away with this problem immediately. Older dogs are no exception to this issue and can be...


What to Do in Case of Seizures in Older Dogs

A seizure is generally associated with a human condition since a person commonly suffers from it. But did you know that dogs share this disorder too? Yes, that’s right. In fact, a canine seizure is quite a common occurrence just like that of a human’s. This happens due to various factors. Now, when you find your older dog suffering from seizure, it may already be a symptom of a serious...


Mistakes You Should Avoid in House Training an Older Dog

House training your dog so you won’t have to clean after accidents is one of the most important responsibilities of any dog owner. The process might be a little difficult but is really rewarding. You won’t have to deal with these accidents inside the house and you’ll have more time for yourself and your dog. However, housetraining an older dog becomes a greater challenge because some bad habits have been...


Home Remedies For Dog Ailments

Seeing your dog get sick can be stressful since you can’t help but worry about his condition. While it is important to seek the presence of a veterinarian and the medical help he can give, there are things you can do to treat your dog at home. There are simple and easy to prepare home remedies for dog ailments that you can use to make your pet feel better. This...

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