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Brain Food For Your Dog

Did you know that your pets diet can influence  behaviour? Have you ever eatan a big meal, and then felt lazy? Then you have idea of how what we eat can affect our behaviour. The same applies to dogs.  In face, scientists now believe its possible to change the neurological and physical aspects of a dogs brains, then directly affecting his behaviour and intelligence, through nutrition.  Linolenic (Omega 3)and linoleic...


Veterinarian Dr. Robin Downing: Relieving Pain in Pets


Dorothy at Her Own Pet Memorial for Morgan Jones


Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

Your guy is clearly, not a cow. You might be worried that he is sick,hungry or bored. Will eating grass hurt him? Rest assured you are not alone in your concern. Dogs eating grass is quite common, and most vets consider  it normal.  There are a variety of reasons  might be crazing on your lawn. Evidence suggests that the notion that your little guy is unwell could cause this behavior....


Cancer in Older Dogs

Dogs can get cancer at roughly the same age as humans. Some cancers are preventable by spaying and neutering, others are not. A diagnosis of cancer may be based on x-rays, blood tests, physical appearance of lumps and other physical signs. The ultimate test is thorugh a biopsy. Top Ten Common Signs of Cancer in Your Senior to look for: 1) Abnormal Swelling that persists or continues to grow 2)...


Things You Should Do For Your Senior Dog

1) See your vet more often, not less. Partner with your vet to ensure that your pets quality of life is comfortable, and at its best Vaccine requirements change  as  your dog ages. Make sure to have a plan with your vet. Ask your vet about hospice care, when you are at that point. Not something to look forward to, but it is all about loving and caring for your senior...


The Best Dog Beds for Seniors

Senior Dogs sleep A lot. The worst thing you can do , is have an uncomfortable bed.  Choosing the right bed needs consideration for some issues that are unique to the “senior” dog. Good padding and support will give support and comfort to old bones. As dogs age, they loose muscle mass leaving exposed bony prominence’s.  This causes painful pressure points in the hips, shoulders, elbows and knees. A GOOD orthopedic...


Senior Dogs and Excercise

Normally as a dog gets older. their exercise capability and needs change. Make sure , to see a veterinarian for a wellness exam before beginning any new exercise.  If you have had your little guy for several years, stick to your regular exercise program . I am a big proponent of letting  him tell you when to stop. Believe me, they will tell you! It is important for a senior...


Older Dogs Diabetes: Facts, Symptoms and Diagnosis (Part I)

Regardless of age, diabetes does not choose its carrier. In America alone, both children and adults are diagnosed with diabetes often. It may seem as a big surprise to some people, but pets are also susceptible to diabetes. The rate of diabetes among household pets in America has more than tripled since the 1970s. Today, at least one out of every 160 dogs are suffering from diabetes. While some humans...


Understanding The Best: Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine

Acupuncture, acupressure, food energy therapy, moxibustion—these are only some of the types of traditional Chinese veterinary medicine that are popular among vets and pet owners. But how effective are these senior dog treatments, really? Veterinary acupuncture is arguably the most popular of the lot. By inserting needles, the body is allowed to heal by itself after carefully balancing blood circulation, relieving hormones, and stimulating the nervous system. During veterinary acupuncture,...


Introducing a New Dog to Your Pets

Planning to get another dog to add to your growing family? There’s one area you have to cover first, if you don’t want problems in your otherwise peaceful abode: introducing a new dog to your pets. Naturally, you want your pets to get along great. With due preparation, this may very well happen. If you haven’t picked a pet yet, you might want to consider the gender. A male dog...


True Love For An Older Dog | Video

What do you do when your beloved bur baby can no longer walk comfortably?  You still want to take your walks like you used to; see your friends and run your errands, but you don’t want to leave him behind.  When that happens, you think outside the box and do whatever you can to keep your old friend with you as much as possible.  That is the kind of love...

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