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Causes of Seizure in Older Dogs

Seizures in older dogs are often symptoms or a result of other conditions

Some medical conditions are not only restricted to humans and even your pet dog can suffer from them. These ailments often affect them the same way they can affect you, which means nothing but trouble for you and your beloved pet. Having an older dog as a pet comes with the greater chances of your pet suffering from various condition that can hamper their health if left unattended to. For an instance, your dog might develop seizures during his older years.

A seizure or a fit is often characterized by extreme involuntary moment which can include wild thrashing. Not only can this put your pet in danger, but it can also put you in a situation that’s simply more than a handful for you. For you to prevent your dog from going into seizure, you’ve got to take several things into consideration and learn more about the causes of seizures in older dogs in order to keep your dog away from these dangerous fits.

Causes of Seizure in Older Dogs

Seizures in older dogs are often symptoms or a result of other conditions:

Brain tumor.

Some older dogs develop brain tumors which can put pressure on the brain as it grows, resulting in a seizure. Other symptoms to be on the lookout for include a loss of vision and motor coordination. If your vet suspects your dog has a brain tumor, he will most likely recommend diagnostic tests like an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) or CAT (computed axial topography). Anti-convulsant medications will not control seizures caused by a tumor.

Kidney disease.

Dogs that have a buildup of toxins in the blood or high levels of acidity due to kidney disease can also experience seizures.( Click here to find out more about causes of seizure in older dogs)

Learning more about the causes of seizures in older dogs will help you gain a better understanding with regards to the treatment and medication that your dog might need. All you have to do is bring your pet to the nearest veterinary clinic and seek out professional opinion on your dog’s condition.

Be sure to know all of the things you’ve got to do to eliminate or even just reduce the occurrence of fits and what you have to do when they take place. You’d want to trace back the problem to its root in order to keep your pet dog away from those dangerous and painful seizures, wouldn’t you?

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