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Excercising the Mind of Your Senior Dog

One of the most important  contributions you can  make to your aging dog’s quality of life is helping to keep his mind active. The canine mind, as well , as the human mind not challenged on a regular basis becomes stagnant , bored and less engaged in the world.

Include brain teasing games in your daily routine to keep his mind agile. Ask him to bring you his ball, or play hide and seek with treats you stash beneath pillows.  Put his nose  to use with a pungent treat.  Liver and fishy treats work very well.

First show him the treat, and let him have one. Next allow him to watch you hide the treat in an obvious location-maybe in your shoe, or on the bottom of a bookshelf. “Find it” , “Find it!”  Get excited when he finds it, heaping on the praise!1

Puzzle toys that dispense treats can keep your dog engaged and thinking. Clicker training at this age works rather well.

Choose a new route for your walk, which add variety , and new sights and smells to explore. Excercing his mind is one of the best gifts you can give him as he ages.older-dogs


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