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Eye Care for Senior Dogs

To properly care for your dogs eyes, do the following:

  • Keep eyes clear of muscus at all times. Infections are often caused by bacteria that overgrow on mucus. Use a sterile eyewash and/or eye wipes to keep eye area clean.
  • Apply a protective ophtalmic ointment under the top lid to protect the eyes before bathing, facial cleanings, and insecticide treatment. Even tearless shampoos can irritate if too much gets in the eyesor if it is not rinsed out soon enough.
  • Keep all hair out of the little guys eyes since scratches to the cornea (the clear membrane across the surface of the eye) can result from contact hair.  Trim the hair using blunt nosed scissors, cutting parellel to the edge of the eyelid. This is especially important when the skin folds near the eyes in certain breeds.
  • Tear staining is a common problem with certain breeds of dogs.Normally tears flow across the surface of the eye and drain through tear ducts, You should clean hair in affected areas at least weekly with a tear stain  remover product.

If  your old guys eye appear a bit hazy or opaque it may be normal. This  can be a normal change due to aging. Your vet will be able to distinguish if this is age-related clouding which is called nuclear sclerosis or it may be cateracts.

During your weekly maintenance check, position yourself in good light and look closely at your dogs eyes. Healthly eyes should be clear and moist.

Your dog does not have a safe way to keep his eyes clean.  They rely on us as “good parents” to make sure all is well.


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