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Getting a Second Opinion

images28329When it is determined that your senior dog has  a serious illness, such as cancer, heart failure or any of the myriad serious illnesses that accompany senior dogs, get a second opinion.

That is a big regret of mine, upon loosing my beloved Morgan. Now with Chico my senior , I get a second and a third.

You should not feel guilty  about wanting a second opinion. If at all possible, seek out a second opinion from  a vet who has undergone an additional three to six years of specific training, such as heart disease, cancer and neurological issues. I have found this added safe guard guarantees me the expertise with senior problems.

If the second opinion differs from the first, a certified specialist may be necessary. If you consult a specialist, and his opinion differs, I would go with the specialist , rather than a general practitioner. It will come down to who you feel most comfortable with. At the very least , you will confidence that you looked at all avenues available to you.

I understand that this could be a costly venture. This is why  I mentioned insurance in my last blog. Most of the insurance companies cover at least some portion of  the serious illness costs.

Make sure you ask the right questions:  Have you seen this problem often  and have you had successful outcomes?

How much experience have you had with this particular problem or procedure?

The answers to these questions will assist you in determining whose opinion you should  absorb.

For Chico and me, it is about keeping this guy around for as long as possible.

Long Live Senior Dogs!!!!


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