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How Older Dogs Let You Know How They Feel


This video is from a normal, every day kind of ‘dog whisperer’ and talks about how older dogs can sometimes seem to have a hard time letting you know how they feel since they physically are not the same as they once were.  When they were younger, they could easily wag their tail or hop around to let you know they were happy.  They could get low to the ground or skulk behind furniture if they knew they had done something you didn’t like etc.  But when they are older, they cannot give these clues…so you might need to see about tuning in to their energy or emotions a bit more.  This will help you to maintain a connection with your loving old friend and assist you in helping them when they really need it.  Be sure to touch them as shown and to spend a little quiet time with them so that you can try to see if you can feel what they are feeling.

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