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How Seniors Dogs Behave as they age!

senior-dogWhen dogs reach senior status, expect physical and behavioral changes.  Listed are some senior issues:

  1. Changes in elimination patterns
  2. Decrease in interactions with other pets
  3. Onset of aggression in a normally nonaggressive pet
  4. Disorientation and/or poor problem-solving
  5. Changes in sleep patterns
  6. Changes in vocalization ( chico is having more conversation now that he is 13 yers old.
  7. Onset of novel phobias

Research has shown that medication, diets, and supplement as well as environment interventions can help  aging dogs  to improve their quality of life.

Some older dogs experience  canine cognitive dysfunction with some brain changes that people experience  with Alzheimer’s. Canine senior thinking is not as good as it once was. With normal aging , a lot of bodily processes slow down and don’t play as much. They tend to like the same things and thrive on a steady routine.

Don’t neglect stimulation and products that contain  Omega-3 DHA. Research has proven to show that this supplement slows the mental deterioration of our seniors.

A lot of seniors suffer from osteoarthritis or obesity. Carrying too much weight adds stress to the joints and impede movement. Vision and hearing  are also signs of aging.

Preventive care during the mature years  goes a long way toward keeping seniors happier and healthier.


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