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Is older dog health insurance for you?

Is older dog health insurance for you?

Is older dog health insurance for you?

Pet insurance has its own set of complicated rules. And it gets even more complex when it comes to older dog health insurance. If you’re determined to get one for your fur buddy, you should know the special terms and conditions that apply.

For one, many insurance companies are not too keen on insuring older dogs, because the costs of their treatment are usually much more expensive. Some of them have an age limit of around 8 to 12 years. However, if your dog has been insured early on, there’s more likelihood that the insurer would be willing to cover the rest of your pet’s life.

Some insurers that impose an age limit for senior dogs that are getting insurance for the first time are Purina, 24PetWatch, and Pets Best.

Pre-existing conditions are not covered

Many people hold off buying pet insurance when their pet is young and healthy, figuring they will get insurance when their pet is older and needs more expensive care. However, if your pet comes down with an illness or condition or even shows signs of a particular illness or condition, any pet insurance you subsequently buy will exclude this condition from coverage. (Read more here)

Another consideration would be the type of coverage. Some insurers would only insure pets against accidents, such as getting hit by a car or getting mauled by another dog. Some of them, will exclude palliative care or treatment for illnesses—this one is much cheaper and more affordable.

Getting insurance is a smart choice if you’re worrying about the costs of treatment when your old buddy needs it. Just make sure that the coverage you have in mind is specifically addressed by the insurance policy; otherwise, you’re practically paying extra for something you might not even need in the first place.

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