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Keeping Senior Dogs Active in Later Years

One exercise that’s great for dogs is swimming.

One exercise that’s great for dogs is swimming.

As dogs enter their senior years, you will notice them slow down and tire easily.  IN their advanced age, older dogs are susceptible to certain illnesses like arthritis and weakening joints. That being said, keeping senior dogs active is a must.

It doesn’t mean that you have to wear down your beloved dog. You can, instead, suit their exercise, diet, and supplements to adjust to fit to their capacity.

One exercise that’s great for dogs is swimming. It strengthens both their muscles and joints. On top of that, it’s also relaxing and entertaining for dogs. You’ve probably seen a lot of video clips of dogs swimming. That’s no coincidence—dogs love it!

The key to keeping your older dog active is to be conscious about the changes your dog is undergoing. Your dog might love the outdoors and walking for miles. Today, you can’t expect your dog to have the same stamina—but you can certainly do something to fulfill your dog’s love for the outdoors. The only difference is that you will have to tone down the usual length and period of the walk.

Keeping senior dogs active in their senior years

You don’t have to feel like you’re no longer giving the dog rules, boundaries, and limitations if you, for example, bring them their food instead of making them come to the kitchen or the yard to eat. “Room service” at this stage of life is acceptable. Remember that their body doesn’t match the mind any more – they might have trouble controlling their bladder and this isn’t something to punish. It’s a result of the kind of care we provide our dogs with in this country and many around the world. You’re not going to see a 14-year-old dog in a third world country very often. They just don’t have the same kind of care and nutrition.  Here.

As your buddy grows old, you might also want to give stimulation exercises or a massage every now and then. Sometimes, you might need to put up a ramp so your dog can get upstairs easier.

It’s all about compromise—all for the sake of giving your dog the best and most fulfilling senior years!

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