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Caring for your senior dog in cold weather

You might think it looks silly, but , if your dog , like Chico does not have the ability to grow a thick enough coat of fur to protect  them from the winter cold, a doggy coat or sweater is an excellent way to keep them warm during walks or trips outside to use the bathroom. Regardless of your dog’s size or breed , if the temperature in your area drops below zero, protection of IMG_20160126_084849881some kind , will ensure your dog’s warmth.

Winter means ice and ice means salted roads and sidewalks. Salt and ice can hurt your dog’s paw pads. Keep your dog’s hair trimmed around his paws so ice balls don’t form around his feet. Dog boots are an excellent option to keep your pet’s paws  dry and warm. I know, I know too much. I used to think so, but as Chico has grown older, I use everything available to keep him safe and warm.

Keep your pup hydrated, equally important in winter and summer. Pay attention to your dogs water bowl.

How do you keep your dog warm in  winter months ?. Please reply in the next section to keep all us senior parents informed. Long Live Senior Dogs!!!!

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