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Saying goodbye to your dog for the right reasons

Saying goodbye to your dog for the right reasons

Saying goodbye to your dog for the right reasons

When should you finally wave the white flag and finally let go of your buddy, because it’s the best choice to make? Euthanasia is sometimes the most humane choice for your old buddy

When your dog is suffering from a serious medical condition, the quality of your pet’s life will suffer. You will notice this by his sudden loss of appetite, lack of interest in playing, solitary behavior, and even depression. In this case, euthanasia is an option. At first, your dog might respond to treatments that are available, until later on when these no longer work and your dog is visibly having a difficult time. In this case, euthanasia may be one of the most viable options.

Old age is not exactly a reason for you to consider euthanasia. But if your dog’s quality of life has significantly declined, and it’s so apparent that the time is near and that letting your dog live longer will only prolong the suffering, you might need to consider euthanasia.

Saying goodbye to your dog for the right reasons

Major injury: If a dog has a serious injury that is considered untreatable, your vet might recommend euthanasia. Usually, these are traumatic injuries that cause pain and/or impede basic functions like mobility and control of bodily functions. Sometimes, good nursing care at home can help maintain good quality of life for the injured dog. In other cases, the suffering cannot be relieved and euthanasia is the most humane choice.

Financial issues: Veterinary care can become very expensive, especially long-term care. If the cost of treatment is causing a hardship for your family, that does not mean euthanasia is your only choice. Start by speaking with your vet about your situation and ask about less costly options. There are also some cases where financial assistance or financing (such as CareCredit) is available.  (Read more here)

Uncontrollable behavior is another reason to consider euthanasia. If there are sudden changes with your dog’s behavior that you don’t know how to control, seeking the help of a veterinary behaviorist or a professional dog trainer should be your top choice. Euthanasia should be a last priority, when such behavior has become impossible to  control.

I expect your decision to be a long-drawn and emotional process. Take every time you need. In the end, you have to be honest and selfless. It’s a decision that you will make not for yourself but for your old buddy. The pain of saying goodbye to your dog will take time to heal, but at least you will see your dog in a better place without experiencing so much suffering.

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