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Separation Anxiety in Older Dogs

Older dogs , in many cases misbehave, not because they don’t know the rules, but , for many reasons, are unable to follow them.

Separation anxiety is one of the most common behaviour problems seen in older dogs. Your little guy will become anxious when he senses you are about to leave.  Often this same little guy will become destructive, barks or howls, may urinate or defecate.  When you do return he is exhuberant. Chico has decided to lay in front of the door when he senses that I am leaving.  Then I have to go into the treat and retreat mode.

Here are some tips to assist you in leaving without the guilt associated  with leaving.

1) Do not make a big deal about leaving or coming home

2) Teach your dog to relax

3) Change your departure cues ( I put my purse outside the door before leaving), such as the alarm going off-going to closet to get your shoes or coat

4) Associate your departure with something good. Give your dog a Kong filled with treats, or some other treat that will make him work-and not notice as you head for the door

5)  Break up your dogs day-if you will be gone all day-consider day care-perhaps not five days, but two or three days a week. Or you might consider a mid day dog walker

6) Crate your dogs-Dogs feel safe and covered

7) Lastly, as a last ditch effort-if all else has failed-you might look into drugs, such as Clomicalm. Just know that medication is not enough to alleviate the problem.



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