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Staying on the Move

One exercise that’s great for dogs is swimming.

One exercise that’s great for dogs is swimming.

If you are trying to keep your senior dog reasonably limber, the most important thing that you can do is keep him moving.

Experts urge  men as well as women , in orfer to forestall osteoporosis, to keep moving. This use it or loose it principal applies to dogs too. The typical senior tends to spend most of the day on the couch, which can accelerate her physical decline in mobility. This is because dimishef excercise accelerates bone and muscle aging. Staying sedentiray  can speed up both  muscle mass and bone density. This turns into a vicious cycle.

Every senior dog is unique and that uniqueness extends to his ability to engage in physical activity. You can do some things to adapt to the enviornment ;

  1. Ramping Up- A slanted ramp will aid in getting in and out of car-no more jumping.
  2. Stepping onto bed-Carpeted steps will aid with this
  3. Bedding- Younger dogs don’t mind sleeping on the floor-but as they age, heat and cushioning should be the order of the day.
  4. Stockings over elbows . This will be open to allow feet to be exposed but wil cover the elbows which may be painful
  5. Wood Floors can cause slipping and sliding-Put rugs in as many spaces as possible.
  6. Keep the room a little warmer of provide heating pad
  7. Try and keep the food high enough to reach with out bending over.. Do not raise the dish if your dog is prone to bloat-this is a life threatning condition if not treated
  8. Physical theraphy such as underwater treadmill, with pressure off the joints and legs
  9. Is it time for wheelchair-Discuss this with vet.


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