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Things You Should Do For Your Senior Dog

1) See your vet more often, not less. Partner with your vet to ensure that your pets quality of life is comfortable, and at its best

Vaccine requirements change  as  your dog ages. Make sure to have a plan with your vet. Ask your vet about hospice care, when you are at that point. Not something to look forward to, but it is all about loving and caring for your senior through end of life.

2) Change can be hard for dogs at this age. The more you keep the routine the same , the better. Consider keeping your pal in the home, as much as possible, as opposed to kennels, when you must leave. This will minimize the stress  and anxiety of your leaving.

3) Create runways, instead of hardwood floors, whenever possible.  I have noticed that Chico, walks only on the rugs when traversing his space. Dogs are incredibly  intelligent!!

4) Diminished hearing and site will cause some irritability. Everyone in the household needs to be aware of mood swings in the senior.

5)  Maintain digestive regulatory.  Arthritis can cause pooping to be painful. Adding high fiber into the diet, such as pumpkin, low sugar helps to keep things moving and ease pain.

6)  Pain Management-make sure your guy is pain free as much as possible. They will not always tell you that there is pain, but you will know. Work with your vet to administer these med’s.

7)   Go for a walk, keep it moving.  Small games of tug of war. Just keep moving!

8)  I can not   emphasize enough, the importance of weight control. Remember, just like people, as they age, metabolism has diminished. cut back on the food and treats.

9)  Keep a close eye on lumps that could be potentially cancerous. Examine your dog daily, to keep track of any changes, bigger, lumpier, doesn’t move, when you touch.,

10)  Pay attention to oral health. Bad teeth , and gums could cause so many other issues.


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