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Tips For Naming Your Puppy

Unless you are especially attached to a certain dog name, avoid choosing one of the most popular names. You will run into other dogs with your dog’s name and it could lead to some confusion at the dog park or vet’s office. The names Bella, Bailey, Max, Molly, Buddy and Lucy are just a few of the most popular names as of 2010. This is sure to change over time, so do some research before you settle on a name.

Some people like to get multiple dogs together and name them after famous duos or trios like “Abbott and Costello” or “Moe, Larry and Curly.” Others use phrases like “Sugar and Spice” or “Peanut Butter and Jelly.” While these can be cute and funny, you also need to consider how you like each name separately. The two dogs might not always be together.

If you wish to give your dog a name that also belongs to a human family member or friend, you should ask that person how they feel about it first. Uncle Herbert might be amused that you wish to name your Basset Hound after him, but Cousin Annabelle might be offended if you choose her name for your Maltese.

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