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Tips On How To Help Your Pet Cross Over | Video


From Animal Planet, Sonya Fitzpatrick offers her wisdom and advice for helping your beloved pet when it is dying.  This is such a hard time in your life and it can be so difficult to know when to let go.  Fitzpatrick says that she made the mistake many years ago of waiting too long to euthanize her cat and realized too late that the animal had been in such pain and had lived such a long life, that she probably ought to have made arrangements a week or two ahead of its actual passing.

Fitzpatrick also wisely recommends that when it is time to help your beautiful furry friend cross over, ask to see if the vet could come to your home for the procedure.  This will be a wonderful way to help your dog feel comfortable and calm as they are surrounded by all those that love them.  You can also ask the vet to please administer a tranquilizer before the medication that stops their hearts.  Again, this will help your pet to not feel anxious at all and to simply feel sleepy before anything else happens.  Invite everyone who loves your dog to come and say good bye and to be there to help them as they cross over.

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