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Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

Your guy is clearly, not a cow. You might be worried that he is sick,hungry or bored. Will eating grass hurt him? Rest assured you are not

alone in your concern. Dogs eating grass is quite common, and most vets consider  it normal.  There are a variety of reasons  might be crazing on your lawn.

Evidence suggests that the notion that your little guy is unwell could cause this behavior. This has proven to be false.

It has been suggested that this grass eating could assist with digestion, and the need for fiber.

Or it good be that our dog just simply likes the taste.

Although most experts agree that grazing itself isn’t harmful, one thing to keep in mind is certain  herbicides  and pesticide use on lawn

can be dangerous.

Should I stop my Dog From eating Grass

Experts agree that crazing in itself, is nit harmful. If your dog is bored, find things for him to do.

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