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Why Does My Senior Dog Eat Grass?

Biologist have told us that canids-dogs, wild dogs, wolves , etc, All, eat grass, as a normal part of its diet. So its important to recognize that

attempting to prevent  your little guy from eating grass is not necessary, unless your lawn has been treated  with insecticides, or some kind of chemical.

if it has not been treated, let him eat away!

It is widely believed that your dog is seeking out grasses which   contains some nutritional value. We  know that grass contains an abundant source

 source of fiber or rougage, It is high in fiber. Grass is a living  green food which contains phytonutrients and is high in potassium and chlorophyll.

Grasses are also a pretty good source of digestive enzymes. Sometimes they eat grass becuase they are bored.

The most noticeable item with grass eating is the vomiting, associated with it.  It is completly normal for this to occur.

You might want to look at switching your dogs food, flavors and switching protein sources.

In addition, you might want to look at a holistic  vet, who can assit in chaging  your dogs diet.  You should make this change gradually.

The other items that you should consider adding to your dogs food are probiotics and digestive enzymes.

Another reason we must look at , is this.  Chico, and your dog as well. might just like the taste! can you imagine?

Often, I have had to pick blades of grass from Chico’s nose to stop the incessant sneezing. During the summer, he goes right to it. During the winter, he goes through the snow to get to it. I make no attempt to stop him from thsi behaviour.  Once  every two weeks or so, he throws up and away we go!!

As I always note , We are having sixth month wellness exams for our sentiors, so we are ahead of any problems!!!




If this is occuring more frequently, you might want to look into  a wholisitc vet who  cn help in swiching to  a more balanced diet for your  little guy.

I can’t tell you the number of times, I have had to pry blades of grass out of Chico;s throat ajd nose. i am quite the expert  with this now. i can’t stand to see him uncomfortable, so i will do what is necessary to get hin there, just as i know most pet owners will do.

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