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Dorothy_Jones_Headshot_Closeup copyMy name is Dorothy Jones, and I have a love that is undeniable , especially for dogs.
I started the hobby of showing dogs many years ago. I wanted a big dog with a big personality. That dog for me was the Airedale Terrier. I have always had two dogs.
I raised and shown those Airedales from eight weeks until death. Difficult, but I pushed through it.

Along comes my husband who is an outdoorsman. He hunts, fishes and all things outdoor. We looked for a breed that would meet both our needs. Thus began my love for the pointer. We had sister and brother as puppies. They both attended hunting school, to tune up their instincts. They were shown to Championships, and retired. Morgan was eight years old when she developed cancer. Totally unexpected and more that I thought my heart could take.

Thus began my quest to keep Chico around as long as I can. I have researched food, treatments and acupuncture.

I continue to discover new treatments, exercises, mind and body to keep him engaged. He is now twelve years old and is lean and still running. He has some weakness in his back legs, thus the discovery of hydrotherapy. After these treatments are strong and he is back.

I am motivated to research, finding solutions, working along side my vet to get the best prognosis for my aging little guy. I am equally motivated to pass those finding on to friends and anyone who finds this information valuable in the care and feeding of your senior dog.

Graduate of Georgetown Law School . Loves in Northern Virginia.
Chico Jones is my twelve years old, and Bella Jones is my two year old.

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