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Monitoring Your Senior Dog for Signs of Disease

As your dog ages , the likelihood he will develop various changes in the function of his body system increases . Some of these will be normal changes to the aging process, others may be indicative of disease. To be more easily alerted to possible signs of disease early in the disease process: Monitor food consumption :how much is being eaten? what type of food is being eaten( does your...


How Seniors Dogs Behave as they age!

When dogs reach senior status, expect physical and behavioral changes.  Listed are some senior issues: Changes in elimination patterns Decrease in interactions with other pets Onset of aggression in a normally nonaggressive pet Disorientation and/or poor problem-solving Changes in sleep patterns Changes in vocalization ( chico is having more conversation now that he is 13 yers old. Onset of novel phobias Research has shown that medication, diets, and supplement as...


What are the current dog food trends for dogs-senior dog

PEOPLE ARE LOOKING FOR CORN-FREE AND GRAIN FREE. Grains contribute to a healthy and balanced diet that is beneficial to their overhall health. Understnding the broad dietary needs of your dog will help you make an informed decision  about what dog food you select. Corn contributes to a balanced diet. A balanced diet will keep your og healthy and improve his life. Corn proides protein, enery, and linoleic acid, which...


How to Add Year’s to Your Pet’s Life

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Excercise and Older Dogs/Help your senior stay active

if your little guy is over seven years old,now is the perfect time to get him in a regular program of exercise. Inside  your aging pet, just as with us humans, metabolism is slowing, organ function (brain function) is slowing, and the response to disease via the immune system is not what it used to be. In addition, seniors will urinate more often, and will need more frequent walks.  It...


Swimming For Dogs

Swimming therapy for dogs is fast becoming a prescribed protocol for canine rehabilitation and strength building. Being in a pool provides an arena for non weight bearing exercise -where resistance in water is up to 20 X that of being in air. Being in a pool benefits the body in these ways: Loosening tight muscles Increasing circulation, endurance, flexibility, range of motion, balance, coordination and muscle strength Decrease swelling Relaxation...


Eye Care for Senior Dogs

To properly care for your dogs eyes, do the following: Keep eyes clear of muscus at all times. Infections are often caused by bacteria that overgrow on mucus. Use a sterile eyewash and/or eye wipes to keep eye area clean. Apply a protective ophtalmic ointment under the top lid to protect the eyes before bathing, facial cleanings, and insecticide treatment. Even tearless shampoos can irritate if too much gets in...


Mental Illness in Senior Dogs

Most canines show some mental slow down between the ages of  three  and five. The exact cause is being studied , but so far unidentified. Most vets believe that mental illness in dogs appear to be genetic. Again , nothing proven so far! I want to make sure that we are aware of this issue. This is when parents take senior dogs  to shelters.  What!!! I know, difficult to believe,...


Tips For Caring For Senior Dog

Schedule regular visits with your veternarian. Your dog needs to be examined twice yearly, even if he appears healthy. Many diseases are hidden and not apparent. Remember , it is much cheaper to prevent disease than it is to treat it. Ask for body evaluation during each vet visit. Body condition is crucial to determine whether your senior is over or underweight.  Ask your vet howyou can evaluate at home,...


Changing Behaviour in Seniors-What to expect?

As  they age, our dogs suffer a decline in brain function.  This happens with memory, their ability to learn, senses of sight,and hearing. Their awareness will deteriorate as well.  They often will stare into nothingness. Seniors  will  forget house training and soil, even after returning from outside. They will often vocalize more and appear to be needy or clingy. The opposite is also true, often they don’t want to be...


Introducing Muttville, a charity for senior dogs

httpv:// The video reveals a sad reality: that hundreds of dogs have to be euthanized because of their old age. You might not consider senior dogs as a viable option when adopting dogs, but did you know that they’re fairly easier to train and well-behaved than younger, more energetic dogs? Muttville is a senior dog rescue charity that’s dedicated to saving these old and reliable canines from getting euthanized. There...


True Love For An Older Dog | Video

What do you do when your beloved bur baby can no longer walk comfortably?  You still want to take your walks like you used to; see your friends and run your errands, but you don’t want to leave him behind.  When that happens, you think outside the box and do whatever you can to keep your old friend with you as much as possible.  That is the kind of love...

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