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Brain Food For Your Dog

Did you know that your pets diet can influence  behaviour? Have you ever eatan a big meal, and then felt lazy? Then you have idea of how what we eat can affect our behaviour. The same applies to dogs.  In face, scientists now believe its possible to change the neurological and physical aspects of a dogs brains, then directly affecting his behaviour and intelligence, through nutrition.  Linolenic (Omega 3)and linoleic...


What are the current dog food trends for dogs-senior dog

PEOPLE ARE LOOKING FOR CORN-FREE AND GRAIN FREE. Grains contribute to a healthy and balanced diet that is beneficial to their overhall health. Understnding the broad dietary needs of your dog will help you make an informed decision  about what dog food you select. Corn contributes to a balanced diet. A balanced diet will keep your og healthy and improve his life. Corn proides protein, enery, and linoleic acid, which...


Tips For Caring For Senior Dog

Schedule regular visits with your veternarian. Your dog needs to be examined twice yearly, even if he appears healthy. Many diseases are hidden and not apparent. Remember , it is much cheaper to prevent disease than it is to treat it. Ask for body evaluation during each vet visit. Body condition is crucial to determine whether your senior is over or underweight.  Ask your vet howyou can evaluate at home,...


Why Does My Senior Dog Eat Grass?

Biologist have told us that canids-dogs, wild dogs, wolves , etc, All, eat grass, as a normal part of its diet. So its important to recognize that attempting to prevent  your little guy from eating grass is not necessary, unless your lawn has been treated  with insecticides, or some kind of chemical. if it has not been treated, let him eat away! It is widely believed that your dog is...


Myths and realities about obedience training for older dogs

How do you get your older dog to follow you? Obedience training for older dogs is difficult, as senior dogs don’t have the same memory retention as younger pets. There are several myths regarding training older dogs, and it’s time to deconstruct some of them. Myths and realities about obedience training for older dogs MYTH: A puppy has to be at least six months old to be trained. REALITY: This...


Older Dogs Diabetes: Risks, Complications, Treatment and Monitoring (Part II)

One of the most common endocrine-related diseases which affects middle-aged to senior dogs is diabetes. It occurs rarely with younger dogs who are less than a year older, and is more common with females and neutered males rather than intact males. Known Risks Some dogs with a specific breed are speculated by researchers to have a higher risk in getting diabetes due to genetic reasons. Siberian Huskies, Bichon Frise, Fox...


Diagnosing dog hearing loss: simple but effective techniques

Common among older dogs who are advancing in age is hearing loss. It’s not always easy to tell if your dog is suffering from dog hearing loss, but the folks at Petside Advisory Board have some simple tips that might help you figure out. Experts agree that making a loud noise is the easiest way to tell if a dog has hearing loss. The range of noises you can make...

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