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Veterinarian Dr. Robin Downing: Relieving Pain in Pets


Senior dogs and euthanasia

Older Dogs And Euthanasia There are several questions surrounding senior dogs and euthanasia. For one, when is a dog considered “old”? Unlike humans, advanced age in dogs vary depending on their breed. There’s also a lot of confusion regarding the geriatric issues that dogs have to deal with. But the most pressing question that pet owners have in mind relates to how their dogs will be put down. As a...


Tips On How To Help Your Pet Cross Over | Video

httpv:// From Animal Planet, Sonya Fitzpatrick offers her wisdom and advice for helping your beloved pet when it is dying.  This is such a hard time in your life and it can be so difficult to know when to let go.  Fitzpatrick says that she made the mistake many years ago of waiting too long to euthanize her cat and realized too late that the animal had been in such...


A Wonderful Tribute To Several Furry Friends | Video

httpv:// This is a wonderful tribute to lives of several furry friends and a celebration of the way they touched their owner’s lives.  There are several wonderful quotes and plenty of beautiful images of  beloved dogs as they smile lovingly for their parents and the camera.  They are such huge parts of our lives and it can be difficult to say good bye and to let them go, but this...


Seeing Your Dog In Heaven | Video

httpv:// Losing your beloved dog is never easy, but this dog parent found themselves struggling with the question of “will I see you in heaven?”  This video is their prayer to God, their questions and their grief and ultimately…their hope. In a dark time, they asked questions and they were answered. At the beginning, you will see this dog parent trying to be logical but through being quiet and allowing...

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