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Muttville, a place for senior dogs for adoption

httpv:// When adopting a pet, senior dogs might not be your first choice. This might not be the best idea, as most senior dogs end up receiving the death sentence and getting euthanized just because of their old age. Muttville fills that niche of pet homes where only senior dogs are available for adoption. What it stands for is truly heartwarming: a place for old buddies that need just as...


Adopting a Little “Old” Friend

Many people consider adopting small dogs, but what about senior small dogs? Wouldn’t it feel wonderful to give the same love and affection to a senior pet? But you may be asking yourself if you could actually do it. How old does a dog need to be before it is a “senior” dog? This would probably be one of the most fundamental questions to ask in considering this kind of...


Introducing a New Dog to Your Pets

Planning to get another dog to add to your growing family? There’s one area you have to cover first, if you don’t want problems in your otherwise peaceful abode: introducing a new dog to your pets. Naturally, you want your pets to get along great. With due preparation, this may very well happen. If you haven’t picked a pet yet, you might want to consider the gender. A male dog...


Old Friends Make Great Friends

httpv:// This is the story of Suryia the Orangutan and Roscoe the  dog.  While walking along through the animal park one morning, Suryia and her handler were surprised when a malnourished dog crossed their path.  The handler was quite surprised when the dog seemed to not be afraid of the Orangutan and even more surprised when Suryia just went right over to give the dog a big hug!  The two...

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