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Saying goodbye to your dog for the right reasons

When should you finally wave the white flag and finally let go of your buddy, because it’s the best choice to make? Euthanasia is sometimes the most humane choice for your old buddy When your dog is suffering from a serious medical condition, the quality of your pet’s life will suffer. You will notice this by his sudden loss of appetite, lack of interest in playing, solitary behavior, and even...


Saying goodbye to your dog the hard way: When Euthanasia is the best choice

Nobody wants to see their fur buddy pass away, but there’s a point when saying goodbye to your dog is the right thing to do, instead of letting your buddy live, only to go through so much pain and suffering. Having to let your pet go through euthanasia is devastating, and it’s a decision that can be terribly difficult to make. You will have to set aside your own selfish...


How to deal with grief and losing a pet

No matter how you try to move forward from your pet’s loss, you simply can’t forget the pain. Dealing with the grief and losing a pet might be too heavy a burden for you to carry. Don’t feel silly or ridiculous about it. It’s a feeling shared by many other people, and you have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. Although the feeling of grief over the loss of a...


Why A Do It Yourself Pet Urns Is One of the Best Pet Urns

Cremations are one way of commemorating the wonderful life of your senior dog. To make the memorial even more meaningful and personal, you might want to put the ashes in an urn you did yourself. Traditional pet urns, which cost somewhere between $80 to $400, might be too expensive for some pet owners. On the other hand, a do it yourself pet urn will only cost a fraction of that...


Choosing Biodegrable Pet Urns

A pet cremation is a beautiful way to say goodbye to your fur baby. Some pet owners opt to sprinkle the ashes of their beloved pet, while others put it in an urn. Pet urns are of varied styles and designs, and if you want a beautiful resting place for your beloved pet, you should consider biodegradable urns. Biodegradable urns are a gesture of kindness and love not only to...


Pet Cremation Costs? Don’t worry about it

As you grieve the loss of your good old dog, the choice of pet cremation may sound appealing to you for a number of reasons. If you’ve set your mind on this, the last thing you have to worry about is pet cremation costs. Pet burial is often expensive and requires compliance with several local government laws. Pet cremation, on the other hand, will serve the same purpose as a...


Dog Memorial Ideas that Can Help You Move On

Dealing with the loss of your fur friend can put a temporary stop in your life. What do you do next? How do you move forward? Most importantly, how do you remember the good times you’ve shared with your old friend? In these trying times, the one thing you have to remember is to be positive. Focus on the positive. Think of the positive. And create something positive out of...


Guide to Cremating a Pet

It’s hard to pick up the pieces after you just received news of your beloved pet’s death.  Through this time, you will have to make some decisions that will ultimately reflect on your dog’s time on earth. For one, you will need to decide where to keep your dog. You will also have to think about how to remember your pet by. Pet burial is one option, while cremating a...


The Reality of Losing Your Dog

Many pet owners have had to deal with the pain of losing a dog. Most will agree that it’s difficult, but one thing’s for sure: the pain is not incurable. You will get through it, if you allow yourself to. You might have to deal with the loss even before your pet’s actual death. This is because the death is inevitable, and the mortality of your furry friend is much...


Loss of a Pet – Saying Goodbye to Your Dog

When grieving over the loss of a pet, there’s no one formula of going dealing with the loss. You don’t have to follow what other people are telling you—whether you should cry or not, or be angry, or laugh at the special moments you had together. You shouldn’t tell yourself what to feel: feel what you feel in your own terms. There’s a growing community of pet owners who are...


They Are Still With Us

httpv:// In this video, famed pet physic Sonya Fitzpatrick explains that sometimes a FurBaby does not understand our attachment to its remains or why we do the things we do sometimes when we are grieving.  To the animals, they know that they remain with us in spirit to continue to love and support us…so why would be holding on so dearly to their ashes? Sonya discusses a client that had...


The Rainbow Bridge Story

The basics of the story behind the Rainbow Bridge stem in part from a wonderful poem written by William N. Britton back in 1994.  In this poem, Britton describes the beautiful pet heaven that awaits each and every lovely pet that passes on.  Their spirits are taken to lovely meadows where they want for nothing, getting to eat,  play and be together in a wonderful place while they await their...

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