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Is older dog health insurance for you?

Pet insurance has its own set of complicated rules. And it gets even more complex when it comes to older dog health insurance. If you’re determined to get one for your fur buddy, you should know the special terms and conditions that apply. For one, many insurance companies are not too keen on insuring older dogs, because the costs of their treatment are usually much more expensive. Some of them...


Learning What Pet Insurance Is All About

httpv:// The Veterinary News Network did a direct comparison of one test case using four popular insurance companies. There are many companies with many different coverage limits, deductibles, restrictions and even add on coverage. We only had time to look at four companies. But we gave them the exact same case for a head-to-head comparison. You may be surprised at what they found.  You’d think that all of the companies...


Keeping Dog Arthritis At Bay

20% of dogs suffer from arthritis. The odds are even worse with your older dog, as arthritis is most common among dogs in advanced age. Nobody wants to see their precious dogs stumble and limp about—so before it comes to that, you might want to err on the side of caution and take note of senior dog arthritis treatment methods that prevent this debilitating condition from getting worse. The first...


Tribute To The Dogs We Love | Video

httpv:// A dog is so often more than just a pet.  They are there for us when we are sad, when we feel alone, when we don’t know what we are doing, when we are feeling mean and when we are going through the hardest times in our lives.  They are there for us the same at these times as when we are on top of the world, when we...


What to Expect from Your Senior Dog

Dogs get older just like their owners do, though their life span is relatively shorter. And just like humans, biological and physical changes are parts of their normal aging process. You may notice them as your pet continues to show them. But before you panic, be sure to set a regular appointment with your pet’s veterinarian to know what’s good for well-being of your aging dog. Frequent visits to the...

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