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More on the Caring and Feeding of Your Senior Dog

Not every Older Dog is Fat! A reduced calorie senior dog food is obviously not a good choice for a pet that is either at a good weight or is too thin. As the case with people, your dogs diet should meet his individual nutritional requirments, which may or may not be similar to other dosgs his age. Your dogs body condition and any underlying diseases are more important considerations...


Best Food for your Senior Dog

I am constantly looking for food that I can feed Chico,, as well as your senior,  and most importantly, food that they will eat.  Not so easy, I know. The following is what I have found by trail and error, in addition to checking with my vet for the go ahead: Yogurt is a source of probiotics (beneficial bacteria that can help with digestive system) Eggs provides protein that is...


What to feed elderly dogs for optimum health

There’s definitely reason to panic if your older buddy suddenly stops eating the food he used to love. But relax: these changes are normal in ageing dogs. You will also have to make changes regarding what to feed elderly dogs. But first, how do you know when a dog is considered old? For small breeds that weigh less than 20 pounds, 7 years is the mark to consider them old....


What to feed elderly dogs in their ripe age

When your dog lives to a ripe age, you will notice certain changes in their lifestyle. One of them, and this might worry you the most, is their diet. Food is a huge concern for most pet owners, and you might want to know what to feed elderly dogs so you can make the transition as soon as they hit old age. Your foremost concern should be the prevention of...


Senior Dogs Protein Foods: Health Risk or Benefits?

The controversial topic on feeding pet dogs, especially senior dogs, with high protein foods have been a consistent controversy among pet owners and veterinarians alike. Although scores of veterinarian’s give advice to pet owners against incorporating a high protein diet with their pets, recent research shows a great deal of support with a protein-rich diet. Even more mind boggling to some, research reveals that a meaty diet is acceptable even...


Senior dog food for your flea-infested dog

httpv:// Anti-flea dog biscuits? Believe it! For dog owners who are struggling to find a fix for their fur buddies who are infested with fleas, here’s a dog recipe that will finally put an end to your problem once and for all. It’s also a perfect senior dog food—you don’t have to worry about disrupting your old buddy’s diet. It’s the perfect treat not only for your dog’s good behavior...


What you need to know about senior dog food

Out of love for our senior pets, we tend to feed them more than they used to feed on when they were younger. It’s about time pet owners truly understand the senior dog food that’s appropriate for their aging buddy.  Although there’s no fixed equation when it comes to senior dog food, there are certain guidelines that you need to follow. A well-balanced diet for an older dog usually consists...


The Lowdown on Healthy Diet Food for Old Dogs

The older your beloved pet gets, the more you have to pay attention to your buddy’s diet and weight. The good news is that there are several options for healthy diet food for old dogs and that whatever weight issues your dog has is already explained by science. You will notice that there are many dog foods marketing themselves as “senior diets”, but take note that they only differ in...


Cure for Arthritis in Dogs: Supplements, Acupuncture, and a Great Diet

The kind of arthritis dogs have are similar to that of humans. As dogs age, their joints and bones degenerate, and the pain and inflammation become much worse. If you’re a firm believer in natural therapy, you might be interested to know that there are methods that can help your old buddy. Traditional Chinese medicine and supplements, in fact, have been used on dogs with arthritis, with a considerable measure...


Looking for the best senior dog food that’s low-fat?

Older dogs often get diagnosed with pancreatitis and obesity. As your dog ages, you will need to take the lead and cut down on your dog’s high-fat diet with too much meat and carbs. The best senior dog food comprises quality low fat dog foods. Quality is the most important qualifier here—because most low fat dog foods are low in protein and high in calories. Quality low fat dog foods...


YUM! Best Food For Senior Dogs

As you dog advances in age, you may have to modify their diet to suit their changing needs. But what are the qualities that meet the criteria of the best senior dog food? For one, it must be healthy, considering that your senior dog will need more nutrients to overcome their physical weaknesses. Also, it must be palatable—what used to be delicious for them before won’t be as tasty for...


Time to change your senior dog treats?

httpv:// At a certain point of your dog’s aging process, you may notice that they don’t respond as excitedly as before to dog treats. This is normally, as dogs normally becomes a bit more picky and sensitive as they grow old. One of the changes you may notice is that they simply don’t love the same dog treats they used to. It’s about time for you to look up new...

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