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7 reasons why you should consider senior dogs for adoption

They may be past their prime, but don’t write them off just yet. Senior pets have a few qualities that merit every loving pet owner’s attention, and some of them are outline below. 1. Senior dogs need a home. And they need it fast. Unlike younger, more agile puppies, the time of senior dogs are about to pass. Can you pass up the opportunity of feeling loved by them. 2....


Why Adopting a Senior Dog is the Best Decision You’ll Make

For those who are looking to visit the dog shelter, adopting a senior dog might be out of the question. Why would you adopt an older dog when you can go for hyperactive puppies or energetic middle-aged dogs? However, if you’re looking for a dog that’s a lot easier to train and will love you dearly (among plenty of other reasons), a senior dog might be a perfect fit for...


Helping Your Dog With His Arthritis

There are several causes of arthritis in dogs. It may be caused by misaligned joints when the dog was born or by an unfortunate accident. As I mentioned before, it may also be the normal wear and tear of joints as your dog advances in age. Whatever the cause is, the pain and suffering usually will not be apparent until your dog grows old. At this point, you should immediately...


Mature Works! Adopting a Older Dog

When people are considering adopting a dog from a shelter, they often only want to consider adopting a puppy or younger dog.  Sometimes the perception is that there must be something wrong with older dogs.  I mean, if they were great dogs, the owners would have kept them, right?  That’s not quite the case.  Shelters are often full of older dogs based on issues that the people were having and...

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