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Losing Your FurBaby – Online Support

More and more places are popping up online for pet parents dealing with the eminent passing of their baby or for pet parents who have already lost their beloved pets.  These places offer many different options to help you deal with whatever stage of grief you may be in.  These are so welcome and can really help the process for so many.  As you prepare for your furbaby to cross...


Grieve Your Way

Did you know that it is estimated that over half of the world’s population has a pet in their home?  That means that it is highly likely that about half of the world’s population will also experience the death of that pet within their lifetime.  Because people are so different and their pets are also so different and each relationship is unique, it follows that each pet parent deals with...


A Final Farewell To Mark | Video

httpv:// Warning: This video might be hard for you to watch.  We see Mark as his parents take him to the vet’s to be euthanized.  Mark had cancer of the bones and throat and was very sick.  His parents made the decision to end his suffering, and since they had documented much of the rest of his life, made the decision to document the final good-bye as well.  This video...


5 Ways To Deal With Losing Your Beloved Dog

It is perfectly normal to feel all the regular and documented stages of grief.  So if losing your dog has brought you to your knees and has you feeling angry, guilty, depressed or even if you are in a bit of denial, know that this is all okay.  When lose someone we love, it is natural and correct to go through this grief process and it is necessary to deal...

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