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More on the Caring and Feeding of Your Senior Dog

Not every Older Dog is Fat!

A reduced calorie senior dog food is obviously not a good choice for a pet that is either at a good weight or is too thin.

As the case with people, your dogs diet should meet his individual nutritional requirments, which may or may not be similar to other dosgs his age. Your dogs body condition and any underlying diseases are more important considerations than his age.

Protein Requirments Do Not Decrease as Your Dog Ages:

In fact, studies point to an increased need for protein. Low protein will compromise kidney and liver function.  The type of protein most dogs

thrive on is whole, unprocessed and often raw.

Added Fiber is not Biologically Appropiate for Dogs

While it is true senior dogs have problems with consitpation, the fiber added to commercial pet foods isn’t the answer

A senior formula with increased fiber will cause your little guy to poop more, but it will block absorption of healthy nutrients. Too much fiber can creat a barrier in your dog’s small intenstine which prevent antioxidants, vitamins and minerals from being assimilated.

When it Comes to Senior Dog Foods Buyers Beware

Dog food formulas marketed for senior aren’t  based on much science or even a solid set of guidelines outlining the general nutritional requirmements.

Please see your vet and discuss your old guys nutrtional needs and dietary requirements




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