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How To Deal With Senior Dog Incontinence

Sorry, mom, I didn't mean to make a mess!

Sorry, mom, I didn’t mean to make a mess!

You worked so hard to house train your dog only to find that as they get past a certain age, they seem to be having accidents in the house again.  This may present itself as a few drips here and there, to full out messes with a huge wet spot on the rug or on the dog’s bed.  While this certainly isn’t pleasant, it is fairly common and there could be lots of things causing the issue.  In fact, the laundry list of items that could be the culprit for your pooch is rather long and so this is one item that you should not deal with on your own.  A trip to the vet really is the wise choice here, and will help with diagnosing exactly what the issue is.  Whatever that core issue is, it is leading to a hormone deficiency.

How To Deal With Senior Dog Incontinence

Hormone deficiencies are essentially the cause of senior dog incontinence.  As the amount of testosterone and estrogen in their bodies decreases, they lose their ability to control the urethral sphincter, a band of muscle located near the base of the bladder.  Spayed or neutered dog are more likely to develop the condition because their reproductive organs have been removed, therefore they have smaller amounts of hormones.  Older female dogs are also more likely to be affected by incontinence because they have shorter, wider urethras.  (Read more)

No matter the root cause, you will want to help your furry child clean and comfortable.  If they are a longer hair breed, you should keep them groomed shorter and be sure to provide them enough water so that they do not get dehydrated.  Arrange to have them let outside often so that you can try to get in front of any indoor accidents and be sure to clean the urine spots as soon as you can with an enzyme cleaner.

The vet may prescribe medication or advise you as to options for you and your dog.  Follow the advice and be sure to report back to the vet if it does not seem to be working.  With a little effort and help from the vet, you should be able to get the issue under control and your life back online with a clean home.

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