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Saying goodbye to your dog the hard way: When Euthanasia is the best choice

Saying goodbye to your dog the hard way: When Euthanasia is the best choice

Saying goodbye to your dog the hard way: When Euthanasia is the best choice

Nobody wants to see their fur buddy pass away, but there’s a point when saying goodbye to your dog is the right thing to do, instead of letting your buddy live, only to go through so much pain and suffering.

Having to let your pet go through euthanasia is devastating, and it’s a decision that can be terribly difficult to make. You will have to set aside your own selfish feelings and really reflect on the situation objectively.  Take a look at these points, as they may guide you in knowing that “it’s time” to let your fur buddy go.

  • Your dog has a terminal illness, which has gotten worse.
  • Your dog is undergoing pain that cannot easily be alleviated by medication.
  • Treatment will not improve the quality of life of the canine.
  • The treatment costs are far beyond your means.
  • Your dog is so old that almost all bodily functions are lost.
  • Your dog no longer has the appetite to eat.
  • Your dog’s gums are pink, which means that there isn’t enough oxygen.
  • You’re extending your buddy’s life not for your dog but for your own self.

Remember: the choice is yours to make. There might be disagreements among the pet owners along the way, but it’s ultimately up to mutually agreed solution that’s best for the dog. Also, your vet should not make you feel guilty about your choice; while they are trained to save lives, you should not feel guilty about choosing to pursue euthanasia if, after running through your options, you’re convinced that it’s the best for your old buddy. You should also realize that euthanasia is not about “playing God”, but about making a choice that’s best for your old buddy.

So how do you decide if euthanasia is the most compassionate option for your dog? Put together a list of the activities that your dog enjoys doing. Around seven points should do.

Saying goodbye to your dog the hard way: When Euthanasia is the best choice

If he can maintain quality of life with four of those seven, then you know it may be time to consider euthanasia if he gets to three points. Promise yourself that other factors, such as pain, the kind of senility that causes fear, and a lack of bodily function and control, cancel out any list.

Next, decide how much money you can afford to spend on veterinary care. Make a decision, write it down, and stick to your plan when your emotions are off the chart.

If your dog is suffering, he has lost all joy in being a dog.

Bottom line: The emotions surrounding this decision are mixed and complicated. To do what’s best for our dogs, we need to realistically assess the criteria without allowing emotion to overwhelm the decision-making process.  (More here)

Euthanasia is a hard choice to make for your pet, and nobody wants to see their old buddy go this way. It takes a lot of courage, but if it’s the best for your fur baby, it’s a choice that will set both you and your pet truly free.

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