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The Rainbow Bridge Story

The basics of the story behind the Rainbow Bridge stem in part from a wonderful poem written by William N. Britton back in 1994.  In this poem, Britton describes the beautiful pet heaven that awaits each and every lovely pet that passes on.  Their spirits are taken to lovely meadows where they want for nothing, getting to eat,  play and be together in a wonderful place while they await their pet parent on the other side.

In this beautiful land, they are no longer in any pain or discomfort and everything they need or want is there and they live in happiness.  Then, among their friends they keep and eye and ear out…waiting to see us come up over the bridge calling their name.  They are so happy to know that they have been missed as much as they missed you – and they are so happy to hear you call their name!  They go running up to welcome you to the other side and to finally have the opportunity to be with you again.

The Rainbow Bridge

The Rainbow Bridge

It is a beautiful poem and one worth checking out.  You can read the full version by clicking here:

Do you have any of your own poems that you would like to share? We would love to read them and share them if that is okay with you!  Put them in the comments section below and let us know if it is okay or not if we share them with everyone else.

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