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Old Friends Make Great Friends


This is the story of Suryia the Orangutan and Roscoe the  dog.  While walking along through the animal park one morning, Suryia and her handler were surprised when a malnourished dog crossed their path.  The handler was quite surprised when the dog seemed to not be afraid of the Orangutan and even more surprised when Suryia just went right over to give the dog a big hug!  The two have become the best of friends and the old hound dog, Roscoe, has given Suryia a companion of the highest grade.  Dogs are so loving and loyal and this older dog seems patient and understanding of all the ways Suryia shows her affection.  Much like the ever loving way that many dogs endure the loving tugs and pulls that children put them through!  Roscoe is a great example of why older dogs rock!

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