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Water Therapy For Arthritis – Owner’s Routine Soothes


John Unger and his dog, Shep, are the picture of what true love is.  Shep has pretty bad arthritis as well as hip dysplasia that has him in a lot of pain and leaves him pretty uncomfortable for most of the day.  John discovered that being in the water, in the ocean that is nearby, Shep could rest and felt better without any pressure on his joints.  In John’s arms, Shep could finally sleep peacefully and without the discomfort that he feels when laying on a bed or on the floor of their home.

These images of John holding Shep in the water so he can sleep have touched so many people.  Why is this story so powerful?  With Shep being 19 years old, John wants to do what ever he can to help his beloved pet feel comfortable and to be able to sleep for a few hours without all that pain.  This is love in action. It is love that knows no bounds, real love, and anyone who has loved a dog can relate.

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