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Wraps And Touch Help Senior Dogs Heal


This video shows how wraps for your dog can help them in a number of ways.  If the dog is feeling stiff or achy, the wraps can add support to the joints that make it more comfortable to move about and walk.  If they are nervous or feeling quite tense, then the wraps can help them to feel secure and confident.  It all depends on you testing out how to wrap your dog in a way that aids overall well being.  When you find a pattern that works, you can stick with it!

Touch is so important too.  I’ll address touch in a separate post so that you can learn more about using it help heal your wonderful dog.  Sometimes, the issue might be an injury or illness, or it may just be a kind of emotional or nervous condition that is ailing your fur baby.  No matter what, touch can really ease their discomfort, which in turn, eases yours.

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