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Things You Should Do For Your Senior Dog

1) See your vet more often, not less. Partner with your vet to ensure that your pets quality of life is comfortable, and at its best Vaccine requirements change  as  your dog ages. Make sure to have a plan with your vet. Ask your vet about hospice care, when you are at that point. Not something to look forward to, but it is all about loving and caring for your senior...


The Best Dog Beds for Seniors

Senior Dogs sleep A lot. The worst thing you can do , is have an uncomfortable bed.  Choosing the right bed needs consideration for some issues that are unique to the “senior” dog. Good padding and support will give support and comfort to old bones. As dogs age, they loose muscle mass leaving exposed bony prominence’s.  This causes painful pressure points in the hips, shoulders, elbows and knees. A GOOD orthopedic...


Senior Dogs and Excercise

Normally as a dog gets older. their exercise capability and needs change. Make sure , to see a veterinarian for a wellness exam before beginning any new exercise.  If you have had your little guy for several years, stick to your regular exercise program . I am a big proponent of letting  him tell you when to stop. Believe me, they will tell you! It is important for a senior...


10 Senior dog care tips

For senior pet owners with their fur buddies experiencing terminal illness, the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) suggests veterinary hospice care. This veterinary practice gives the care and companionship necessary for animals suffering with a terminal condition, essentially to prepare them for the passing away of these beloved pets. The terminally ill dog will be provided comfort and pallative care. Before deciding if hospice senior dog care is for you...


When Your Dog is Overweight

Canine obesity is on the rise. People lead such busy lives and what they eat, and how much they exercise, also affects what they feed their dogs and how much exercise their dogs get. It can sometimes be hard to realize that your dog is fat, especially for those breeds that have thick coats. But canine obesity is a serious health risk for your furry pal and taking action now...


Tips to Keep Your Senior Dog’s Health in Check

httpv:// Kevin DeTrude, owner of Beverly’s Pet Campus in Fishers, IN, and Dr. Jerry Flanders of VIP Animal Care discuss ways to keep your dog happy and healthy as he or she grows older.  Your dog may be considered “older” by the time they are about 6 years of age.  But you can check with your vet to see what issues you may or may not need to worry about...


Caring for an older dog with CDS

Alzheimer’s disease is one of the cruelest illnesses our beloved senior citizens have to endure. Its symptoms are very much like cognitive dysfunction syndrome (CDS) in dogs. Characterized by cognitive decline, unusual behavioral changes and degeneration, CDS happens in senior dogs as early as seven years—although most pet owners don’t recognize it until the dog reaches 10 years or older. Ideally, to test for CDS, an older dog should undergo...


How to decide on pet insurance that’s best for your old buddy

With the rising costs of medical care and breakthroughs in medical technology, you might not have enough financial resources to pay for treatment for your beloved pet’s unexpected illness. This is why you need pet health insurance. Most pet owners struggle with how to decide on pet insurance—but it’s easy enough once you get a hold of it. The first step in choosing pet health insurance is finding the right...


Should you consider pet insurance?

Taking your old buddy to the vet for a serious illness—often requiring expensive medications and critical care—can cost as much as a five-figure bill. Pet owners have often had to subject their beloved pets to euthanasia because they simply can’t pay the mounting bills. A measly 1.5% of pet owners in the US, on the other hand, subscribe to pet insurance and are able to reimburse their expenses. Should you...


How Pet Insurance Can Help

As your dog ages, he becomes more vulnerable to arthritis, cancer and diseases of the liver, heart or kidney.  This means that it is also likely the most expensive time in your dog’s life as well.  These reasons make pet insurance a smart decision and can really help you when you need it most.  Treatment costs to help your dog can get pretty expensive. If your sweet baby needs a...


Aids For Your Senior Dog

httpv:// In their advanced age, older dogs are likely to have difficulty in walking. This is only one of the many physical changes that they undergo. As a loving owner, you don’t have to worry about how to help your dog deal with such changes, because there are senior dog products that can help them live their lives to the fullest. To help your older dog adjust, you might be...


“Ol Boy” Just Wants To Die Loved

httpv:// This is a beautiful story of  ‘Ol Boy’, a stray senior dog that was found in pretty bad shape.  A trip to the vet’s office confirmed what looked to be true on the surface…he was not going to make it.  Being malnourished was only one of his many problems.  It turned out he had several medical ailments that were going to be tough to handle – but at this...

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