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Senior Care Kennels

I hate to spend even one night away from Chico and Bella because they are such a big part of my daily life. But sometimes for any number of reasons , you simply must put your senior dog in a kennel for one night or more. Before making a choice and dropping him off, there are a few things you should consider.

Has your senior stayed in a kennel before?  If this is his first time, he may find it harder to adjust in a kennel than a typical older dog. Seniors tend to be set in their ways and are accustomed to their daily routine, which includes being with you at home. If he has been in this kennel before, it will be much easier. Try daycare a couple of days before. He will see that you do return.

Does the kennel have special facilites and routines for seniors? Before selecting a kennel, take a tour. make sure the facility’s layout and design is senior-dog friendly.

  • No overly high barriers that he must step across
  • No long staircase that he’ll be expected to climb
  • Plenty of soft , cushy areas where he can rest
  • A senior only area where he can get away from rambunctious pups and aggressive adults

Is the kennel staff friendly? Many kennel workers are dog lovers by nature, however, as you know, caring for a senior can require more patience and knowledge.

You need to ask these questions while touring:

  • Does the kennel regularly care for seniors
  • Is the staff experienced with the needs and temperament of seniors
  • Has the staff received additional training to help them deal with the needs of seniors

How can you find senior care in your area? Start by asking friends and neighbors who have senior dogs? If they have had bad experiences they can share with you. Obviously that goes for good experiences as well. You can ask your vet  for suggestions.

You want to ensure that this is a good experience and if needed again, it will be easier to navigate.

long live senior dogs!11

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